HUD Programs and definitions

Housing Choice Voucher program: Section 8 program
Public Housing Agencies: (PHAs)
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development: (HUD)
Veterans Administration Supported Housing: VASH or HUD-VASH

10 thoughts on “HUD Programs and definitions

  1. joyce

    i would like to know how i apply for low income housing iam a61 year woman i am on ssi irecive 698.00 andmy reat is 600.00so i would like toget some help

  2. Tawanna B.

    I am a single mom and I get ss disability check ,and i have 1 child,.My question is can people with ssi and ssd checks get house through hud and if so how do I apply and what will I need to get started?.
    Sincerely Tawanna B.

  3. Melissa Mitchell

    How do I apply for hud housing? This is my life situation right now, I’m 41 and a full-time student, I also am a felon. My twelve year old son just got approved for SSD, but I won’t hear anything about the benefits he will be receiving until June 11, 2012. Should I bother applying according to the information I just provided?

  4. yvette sheers

    I would like to find a program or for rent to own i pay substantial rent and can afford to own but don’t know how to find the right program for me in the greater boston area of mass

  5. shyann kay

    i am looking on how to apply for hud…idk how to go about that? i am looking for a low income apt. or if cheep enough ill rent ahouse…

  6. Anna Dameron

    hi I need help in finding a low income house or to be on a program with some one . My income is not very much i’m on ssi and disablilty . Right now i’m stayin with a friend please can somebody help me .thank you.


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